What sets us apart

Our core values, integrity, and experience has allowed us to grow year after year, and maintain a positive and professional reputation in the lead generation industry.

Our Core Values

We're past the idea of trying to make a "quick buck", the constant mistakes, and the short term business model. Every choice we make has the back bone of "will this allow us to still be here 10 years from now?". We're learning from our mistakes. Mistakes are okay the first time, but we never make the same mistake twice, luckily for us, there's not many more mistakes left to make :).

We Listen to Our Customers

We are in a service industry. This means we need listen to our customers to maintain partnerships over the years.

Numbers Don't Lie

We analyze all our data to ensure the best quality lead we can offer is being generated.

Rebuild & Improve

When it comes to internet marketing if you haven't built a new ad in the last few days you're behind on the web. We are always reworking our advertising to stay relevant.

Why Reputation Matters

We're the good guys in a bad business. Lead Gen. is known to be sketchy, and we are proving trust can exist in Lead Gen.

Staying True To Who We Are

We are an online marketing company, and are only interested in marketing. This is what matters to us.

In Constant Communication

We talk with our clients weekly, so they know we are going to stay around and fulfill on our end of agreements signed.

Blue Fire Leads Cares

Our clients are our number 1 priority. We make sure any other priority comes second.

Our Proud Founders

"There is no Blue Fire Leads without our clients and employees. We truly appreciate our great team and partners. Thank you for your loyalty you have given to us over the years."
~ Dick Wells

Dick Wells


Thomas Wells


Wyatt Ernst


Meet Our Team

Cameron Gilmore

Sales Manager

Jordan Buck

Business Development Manager

LaCretia Burgess

Sales Copywriter

Chloe Burrows

Social Media Manager

Colin Mikulecky

Native Ads Manager

Jace Medsker

Google Ads Specialist

Ashley McLain

Digital Marketing Analyst

Alex Olsen

Digital Marketing Specialist

Benjamin Jones

Digital Marketing Manager

Seth Burch

Senior Software Architect

Jon Lambson

Full Stack Developer

Want to work with us?

We are always looking for great talent, and honest people. If you feel like you fit in, or are looking for a new marketing partner reach out to us by filling out the form below.