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Currently working directly with 5 of the top 10 solar companies in the U.S.A.

Home Automation

Home Automation

The leading educator of consumers on home automation.


Building new audience who is needing, wanting, & asking for HVAC Repair.


Only lead provider that helps get people wanting your flooring installation.

Pest Control

People have bugs and call us. We give you the solution.


Need more walls to paint? We’ll send leads to you.


Need more damaged roofs? Let us find them for you.


Helping homeowners find the right plumber for their fix.

By The Numbers

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Interested Leads


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Revenue Driven for Clients

$198 M

New Leads Every

0.5 sec

How It Works

Step 1
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Step 1

  • Target your ideal audience whom converts into sales
Step 2
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Step 2

  • Educate the target audience to build interest in your service
Step 3
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Step 3

  • Build excitement in target audience to receive service
Step 4
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Step 4

  • Connect interested audience to you
Personalized To Your Experience

Know What To Say

Define your service parameters (criteria, location, price) and we do the rest to meet your needs. Our team will do everything we can to make your campaign positive for you.

Ignite Your Business

Ignite Your Sales With Some Leads

We'll share best practices we've seen throughout each industry to get you on the ground running.

What others say about us

Blue Fire Leads has been a great provider to work with. It's not uncommon to hear "Blue Fire is just on fire today!" around the office. It's uncommon for us to schedule less than 10 appointments from their leads on a daily basis (around 30% of our total appointments as a company).

It's not easy installing 20 MW in a year. Partnering with Blue Fire Leads is an integral part of our company's success. Having a trustworthy and effective 3rd party lead vendor is the new era for solar lead gen.

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Home Advisor
Auric Solar
Just Energy Solar
Trinity Solar
Vivint Smart Home

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